About It Is The Food

Since 1982, Janie has enjoyed every minute of being a mom to her four children and since 2012 the NeNe to her grandchildren! It is in the kitchen where so many wonderful moments have been shared over the years.  

Janie's evolving knowledge and understanding of foods, spices, essential oils, and whole food nutrition is making a difference in people's lives

Eating healthy food, seasoning with herbs and spices, movement modalities, meditations and learning to trust your body's pathway to Wellness is her message. Owning your health as you heal your body is the journey Janie will walk with you. 

Working one on one with clients, their families and doctor(s) creates a supportive and gentle healing community. 

Is it time to explore a pathway to wellness? Share your issues by clicking here to talk about your current health 

Due to SCI (Spinal Cord Injury), while shopping at Albertson's Bristol Farms, Janie is a living example of what eating healthy whole foods and movement can do for your body and your life. She is always available to listen and assist you with a pathway to wellness as her business has evolved into a passion helping others to wellness!

Walking around the world! Since August 11, 2014, to August 11, 2016, I have walked a total of 4,360.50 miles and 8,182,700 steps in all my favorite places plus Belfast, London, Liverpool, Washington, DC. and Maui this year. 

August 12, 2016, to August 11, 2017, I have walked 5,521 miles all over Colorado, Utah, Southern and Northern California, and the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Eternally grateful to my service dog, Phoebe, Bob, our grandchildren, children, their partners, sisters, spa sisters, friends of my heart, and all the beautiful amazing strangers along the way. 

August 12, 2017, began my fourth year out of my wheel chair and walking. Due to elbow, wrist and shoulder joints, my arm muscles are randomly ripping. My service dog, Phoebe, I have been using a special balancing harness so I can continue walking as my Swedish Arm Crutches are no longer viable options. 

Healthy organic whole foods, herbs, essential oils, hydration, and movement with attitude! Deep bows of gratitude for the journey forward! When we trust one's self and listen to our needs we can move forward with grace, aplomb and healing body. Cheers to an amazing life!!!" ~ Janie