Holistic Health & Wellness Programs

Everyone deserves to be rightly informed about how to achieve health and we are here to walk with you to wellness. 

We offer 6 month program for individuals, family or teams. Past teams have been PTA Moms, Dental Office Staff, Hotel Staff, Hospital Nursing Floor RN & PA, Soccer Coaches, Teachers, and... Also fun classroom and work workshops that are interactive and fun! 

                          Classroom, small groups and private Holistic Health and Wellness program:

Celebrating life with food!

  • set and accomplish goals for healing and maintaining 
  • understand and reduce your cravings learning about whole food nutrition.
  • increase your energy levels and movement
  • understand food labels 
  • essential oils introduction
  • confidence to create your life.
  • proactive in reducing disease. 

What Six Months of Guided Wellness & Healthful Living might look like:            
  1. One 55-minute one on one meetings per week.
  2. Weekly e-mail support every week.
  3. Dejunking of your home and work space.
  4. Recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare.
  5. Cooking, exercise, and lifestyle workshops.
  6. Current Client Portal and Alumni Client website.
  7. Field trip to your favorite grocery store.
  8. Essential oils for wellness. Samples and education.
  9. Simple but informative personalized handouts.
  10. Review of menus from favorite places for healthy choices.
  11. Monthly newsletter latest tips and recipes.