Our Approach

Sometimes we need to have someone walk the pathway with us to encourage us to embrace healthy life style changes. 

It Is The Food! approaches healthy living and eating within the infrastructure of your life realities. We believe that YOU know what your body needs. We are here to support and educate along your journey. 

Embracing individuals like you to create healthy, nourishing eating habits for relief of pain, weight, and recurring health issues by successfully creating positive choices. It is the Food! and Whole Food Prescriptions will help you commit to a lifestyle that will improve your quality of life.

It takes most humans 6 months of changes to make them a part of their daily life. Invest in your health and goals to heal and live the rest of your days healthy. One day at a time.

Classroom, small groups and individual programs to support a healthy, happy lifestyle change for you and yours. If you are in the area, please join one of our informative interactive Health & Wellness Groups either on Wednesday evening 7-8:30p or Thursday morning 7-8:30a at 67 W Dayton Street, Pasadena, CA 91105. BE SURE TO RSVP YOUR INTENTIONS TO ATTEND! RSVP janielynnheinrich@gmail.com or +1(530)263-4770