Whole Food Prescriptions

Whole Food Prescriptions is a supported weight loss community supporting
 healthy lifestyle changes for wellness and successful living. 
We are a community of powerful losers. 
Education regarding your bio-individuality creating healthy eating choices.
Allowing each individual to live their live in full vibrant color as you create a pathway to your dreams. 
Nurturing the body from the inside out.
Health, balance and wellness for all.

Whole Food Prescriptions Community Outreach
Wholefoodprescriptions.org is a nonprofit for to educate and support Weight Loss and Wellness for all people. Educating and showing one person at a time how simple and affordable great nutrition can be. 

Creating the opportunity for each person to experience how much the intake of nutritional based food can change their future one bite or sip at a time. Only through education, experimentations and knowledge can the choice for a healthy pathway into their futures be realized.

THE UGLY FOOD PROJECT (a dream that failed, we filled many bellies and know that hope is eternal!)
Offering soups and drinks made that has been made from the ugly produce that our local grocers and chefs cannot sell. Whole Food Prescriptions can take THE UGLY FOOD and create foods full of nutrition to support the hungry and homeless. 

It Is The Food! And so much more... and Whole Food Prescriptions vision is a large old warehouse or apartment complex where we can bring together the homeless youth with our elderly who have so much to give and just love to offer.  

In America, our homeless children are living in the woods, under bridges, and in the streets. In America, many of our amazing brilliant elders are tucked away in retirement homes. Together these two populations connection has the potential to create health, hope, family and dreams realized.

At this home base, healthy lifestyles will be gifted and the opportunity to grow veggies, cook, study and learn. It will be a family that will break bread together, talk, share, listen, cook and encourage high school graduation and dreams to take ownership of.

It is time to merge with a larger group because this is about our children and their future. If you know others who are doing similar outreach, please share!

Getting involved and part of the middle school experience because our young people have the ability to create change in their family, friends, and community with one UGLY FOOD soup or smoothie at a time. CALL TODAY IF YOUR COMMUNITY IS READY TO EMBRACE AND MAKE A POSITIVE ACTION FOR CHANGE.

It Is The Food! And so much more... ®
Whole Food Prescriptions, a not-for-profit community for Healthy Weight Loss Education
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